The first Appointment

During the first session, which is 60 minutes, we’ll sit down and get to know you to gain a better understanding of the problems plaguing your relationship and your individual stances on it being repaired. We’ll also chat with you about the reasoning behind your reaching out to us and whether or not you have both considered continued counselling sessions as a means of mending any damage. Our specialist will create a treatment plan with the goals of enhancing coping skills, improving relationships and facilitating your potential.

What We Work On

Some are uncomfortable with turning to a stranger for therapy. This is why we work on the basis of getting to know you, and with your integrity and self-esteem in mind at all times. Our clients don’t think of us as a service provider, but a group of highly knowledgeable concerned therapist who are helping to guide them back onto the right path. There are some conflicts, that for a variety of reasons have become bigger than you. Maybe you weren’t able to resolve the issue so it got pushed under the rug. Perhaps it was so big no one knew how to even begin working on it. These are some of the ways conflict can leave you in a state of gridlock. Together we will work on resolving and healing the hurts from these past conflicts. Our mission is to provide you with the very best experience.

What The Therapist Does

It is our job to teach our clients how to make a relationship work. We will help you understand the sources of your conflicts and the roadblocks keeping you from being able to communicate and resolve them. We will help you walk through whatever specific issues you have to begin to heal the past and help you move forward. We will show you how to keep different priorities, values, and communication styles from threatening your friendships. Finally we will teach you how to safeguard your relationship in ways that are practical, reasonable, and easy to understand.

What You Can Expect

It’s very important to us that all our clients are being set up to be successful on their own. In the office you can expect we will help you work through and heal conflicts. We will teach you how to prioritize your relationship so it doesn’t go back to this place again. Many people come in overwhelmed, frustrated, and feeling defeated. The last thing they need is for a counselor to judge them, change them, ask them to be someone they aren’t, or give them unrealistic goals. We will look at yours and your family’s priorities, strengths, and challenges to figure out together how to make the relationship stronger.