Counseling To Empower!

Counseling services are provided at our professional office or via video. Our goal is to provide you with confidential and quality services in a nurturing and safe environment.  Schedule your first appointment today and experience the difference!

Online Video Counseling Service

For many people, having a busy lifestyle means not being able to make or meet appointments, but this does not mean you can’t still reap the benefits of therapy. Family First Counseling Center is offering Teletherapy over video chat for anyone in Ohio interested in therapy who are not able to physically attend a session.

Benefits of Teletherapy

  • Teletherapy is conveniently provided over video chat.  
  • You can fit in your session during your workday and leave the stress of commuting behind.    
  • Struggles with finding childcare? You can do e-counselling from home and keep your child within eye contact. 
  • It is also great for partners who want to do counselling, but one travels often for work or have conflicting schedules.  
  • If you live in a remote area with limited access to therapists, we can support you.  It also creates anonymity within your community because you will be meeting with a clinician who is not in your area – this creates more confidentiality for you! 

Same Professional Quality as In-Person

At Family First Counseling Center, all our therapists are highly trained and skilled in various areas.  You will get the same quality of service as you would meeting with one of our therapists in-person.

Hybrid Approach – Both In-Person and Video Chat

Many of our clients have highly demanding schedules.  If you are in the Columbus area, you can do some sessions in-office and when your schedule gets challenging, you can have sessions over video and maintain your progress. 

How Does This Work Exactly?

?Step One: Call us! During a phone call, our intake specialist will take note of your specific situation and align you with the therapist best suited to your needs.

?Step Two: Save the date! Our administrator will set appointments that are mutually feasible for you and the therapist. An email will be send to you with a link, so you can set up an online account with us, to make it easy for you to fill out all the forms needed before the appointment.

?Step Three: Reap those benefits! When the day and time comes for your appointment, you and your therapist will log onto a video-chat for your session.

*Payment will be administered before the session; to do this we will be requesting the information of the card you wish to pay with.

Note: Teletherapy is for Ohio residents only.